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The smartest way to manage & grow healthcare practices

  • SOLVE everyday problems in your practice
  • CUT COSTS by reducing your vendors
  • IMPROVE productivity & engage your employees
  • DECREASE billable staff hours while INCREASING patients
Lab3 Clinical | The smartest way to grow your healthcare practices
Integrated with
Lab3 integrates with Dr. Chrono or any of EMRLab3 integrates with any EMR to make your business succeedLab3 integrates with kareo Lab3 integrates with Athena Health or any EMR

Lab3 connects every aspect of your operation together so your team can focus on what's important.

Our engineers have proprietary methods to reach potentials with your current health records system you didn't even know was possible!


Improved employee productivity


Weekly average hours saved


Tasks automated annually

How do we solve your problems?

Our simple process is designed to show you results as quickly as possible!


You talk. We listen.
Who are your most expensive vendors?
What redundant tasks are creating the most billable staff hours?
What are your biggest nuisances in your/your staff's day-to-day?


Phase 1
Our experts build custom tailored software within days to take care of your biggest nuisances while integrating with your current EHR/EMR so the transition is seamless
We start solving problems FOR FREE


Phase 2
We reduce your largest costs. We inquire which vendors are costing your business the most amount of overhead, and we bring it in house as an add on to your Lab3 services!
We replace your vendors so you have a single source for all of your custom-tailored needs


Phase 3
Leverage AI to take your practice to the next level. We have AI-based solutions for Lead Generation, Appointment Booking, Support, and more!
We help you leverage AI to grow your business on top of your new automated foundation.

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See what's possible

Lab3 specializes in leveraging advanced AI technology to solve complex healthcare challenges. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional service, so you experience a level of care like never before.

Unconfirmed appointments

Reduce no-shows and cut down on receptionist phone time with automated confirmations that update your EHR directly!

Cutting-Edge Transcription

Tired of incomplete Clinical Notes? We build transcription software that is revised, organized, and formatted for your doctors and staff!

Personalized blogs

Get your website to the top of Google Search results with automatic blogs that can be posted as many times as you want per week, hands-free!

Proactive Patient Reminders

Bring your patients back for recurring visits with automatic reminders based past appointments and procedures.

Inventory Management

Cutting-edge and intuitive stock control system that can be customized to meet the exact needs of your operation.


Easily send review requests to your patients directly from your EHR! Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, and more supported.

Photo & Document Management

Custom built apps with your clinical branding for your staff to use. Easily upload and manage photos in a custom way tailored to your specific needs.

ICD-10 Code Assistant

Turn whole appointments into ICD-10 codes automatically with our AI assistant

Custom features, dashboards, notifications, and more!

We build solutions to your problems at lightening-fast pace to ensure your practice is running the way you want.

We solve problems
both quicker, and cheaper!

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Annual cost savings


New online patient appointments


increase in overall productivity


Increase in digital patient engagement

Why Lab3?

Lab3 delivers streamlined automation solutions to improve patient experience and maximize revenue.


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Kostas Mavropanos
Cosmetic and Laser Center
Miami Beach, FL

I wish all my issues could be resolved as effortlessly as Lab3's dashboard, where I can send email reminders, execute SMS blasts, and effortlessly track inventory with just one click.

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